10 Tips To Increase Your Real Estate Value


When it comes time to sell a property, most homeowners simply accept the assessment that they receive as to the value of the property. What they don’t know is that there are many simple tips and tricks that they can employ to increase their real estate value.

The following top 10 tips from realtors and property investors can help you increase your profits without breaking the bank:

1. The Open Plan

Modern home buyers are looking for bigger spaces and open plan living areas. Simply busting down a wall or two won’t cost a lot but will definitely go towards creating these bigger spaces and increasing the value of the property. This will also make the property more attractive to a larger group of potential buyers allowing you to increase the asking price for the property.

2. The Yard

A neat and tidy yard is a great drawing point for home buyers. An overgrown or desolate garden can turn away potential buyers who would otherwise have put in an offer to purchase.

Hire a garden service to mow the lawn, trim the bushes and manicure the edges if the garden has become overgrown or plant some flora to make the garden more attractive. This won’t be a costly exercise but you can take care of the work on your own if you like and save the cost. Alternatively, you can employ a professional landscaper for a total garden makeover.

3. Light It Up

Nobody wants to live in a dark and dingy house and while cutting back the trees and trimming the bushes might let additional natural light flow in, there are some other steps that you can take. Make sure that the lights in the home are turned on when you have a viewing. Place some extra lamps in rooms that have a tendency to remain dim.

4. A Lick Of Paint

A new coat of paint is the quickest way to make your home look new and fresh. Make sure that you pay attention to both the interior and exterior of the home as well as any boundary walls. DON’T go for bright and garish colors. While these may suit your own personal taste, they could turn away potential buyers. Stick to white or neutral tones. The new home owner can always add their own creative touch to the home once they have made a purchase.

5. Electrical And Plumbing Certifications

Any home buyer should request both a plumbing and electrical certificate from the seller before making a purchase. If you can’t produce these, it could lead to the assumption that either of these are not up to the recommended codes or standards. Building inspectors charge a nominal fee to provide these certificates.

However, if the inspection results in some problems being detected, you might need to have these seen to by a professional plumber or electrician. Make sure that they provide you with any guarantees or warranties for their work and products that they have used. Providing these to your home buyers with the certificates will increase the property value.

6. The Roof

If your roof and gutters are dirty, falling apart or damaged, this could detract from the property value. Hire a high pressure cleaner to quickly and effectively clean the roof and remove any debris.

Take care of any minor repairs but rather call a roofing contractor if you need some major repairs or an entire roof replacement. This could be an expensive exercise but you should easily be able to recover your costs from the increased value of the property.

7. Clean, Clean And Clean

A clean house is much more likely to sell than a messy, cluttered or dirty home. Get a steam cleaner and get stuck into the carpets, upholstery and curtains. Pack away all your clutter in cupboards or containers. Dust every nook and cranny.

Scrub all your kitchen appliances paying careful attention to the stove top and oven. Remove and wash your light fittings and fixtures as well as the light switches and power outlets. You may want to turn off the power while you are cleaning these elements. Wash all the doors and door handles and don’t forget the front door. Buy new clean cushion for example!

8. The Bathrooms

Bathrooms are one of the areas in the home that are prone to the greatest wear and tear. You can transform your bathroom to look newer by replacing old tile grouting and resealing the bath shower and bathroom sinks.

Make sure that no mold or damp is visible in the bathroom. Use mold and water resistant paint to freshen up the walls. Stick to light colors to make the area look and feel cleaner and brighter. Add mirrors or additional lights to smaller bathrooms to make them appear bigger.

9. Renovations And Remodels

If you do want to spend some money on renovating your home, start with the kitchen. Kitchens are one of the main features in the home that will either attract or repel buyers and updating the features is likely to add the greatest value to your home.

Adding a loft area is an efficient and easy way to add an additional room or space to the home that can have multiple functions. A loft is the least costly addition that you can opt for. You can also re-purpose a garage to create an extra living area in the home.

10. Show Day

Whether you are selling your home privately or using an estate agent, show day is important to adding perceived value to your home. Perceived value is how much viewers think the property is worth in comparison to the asking price.

Deodorize the home and make sure it smells fresh and clean. Bake some cookies or do a load of laundry before showing the home to give it a comforting fragrance. Put some fresh flowers around the home to add color, elegance and flair. But most of all, make sure that every space is exceptionally clean and tidy.