JohnMathiasWelcome to Johnmatthias.com – my name is John. I’m professional interior designer currently writing my thesis for masters degree.

My main interest in life is to create spaces where real life, feng shui meets spirituality to reach depths of peoples minds.

It’s kind of hard to explain, – as my favourite rapper Earl Sweatshirt says, – I know what I mean.
Anyways, – it feels like I’ve been studying interior design, architecture and real estate business in general like forever, and finally I found a way to give back. I met this chick Adriane, – she happens to be my wife now. (thank you thank you, I know I’m a lucky guy). Anyways, – I met Adriane, – young beautiful programmer with pink hair, and she instantly (by the end of the party) suggested I should start a blog, and write about things I know best. Living spaces, homes, home improvement etc. I remember her saying that listening to me talking about real estate, architecture, and interior design wasn’t boring at all, and since she has severe ADD, and absolutely no interest in the field made me feel very good about myself, and my communication skills.

Anyways, – I’m a married, guy now, writing about things I love daily.